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Distinguished Speaker from “Women in AI” Panel
Title: Explainability in Experimentation

Friday, September 30, 2022, at 11 am EST

Dr. Violet R. Syrotiuk
Associate Professor
Arizona State University


Violet Syrotiuk is an associate professor in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence at Arizona State University. She studies complex engineered networks. Her interests include medium access control (MAC) protocols for wireless networks, dynamic adaptation of significant radio and/or protocol parameters to optimize performance for evolving network conditions, and petabyte-scale file transfer in programmable networks. Her focus is on implementations using mid-scale experimental infrastructure, such as the FABRIC testbed. Dr. Syrotiuk serves on the editorial boards of the Elsevier journals Computer Networks and Computer Communications, and on the technical program committees of major conferences sponsored by the IEEE and ACM.


Understanding networked computing systems, such as the new FABRIC testbed, is crucial to harnessing their potential. On one hand, machine learning (ML) has been remarkably successful at building accurate predictive models of such complex systems, but explainability remains a challenge. On the other hand, traditional design of experiments (DoE) emphasizes systematic techniques for model building in terms of parameters and interactions among them used in experimentation, but it encounters difficulty in scalability. Adapting to dynamics in the system is a challenge for both approaches. Our interest is in the science of design and analysis of screening experiments to characterize large-scale engineered systems. The goal is to understand which and how parameters are interacting to inform the design of protocols for system operation and control. Whether by ML, DoE, or some middle course, in order to characterize a system and validate understanding, design of the data collection can be fundamental.



Panel on “Women in AI Networking – Industry Career”

Friday, June 3, 2022 at 3pm EDT

The panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities that females face during their careers in industry. The panelists are

  • Dr. Sujata Banerjee, Vice president of VMware Research Group
  • Dr. Renata Teixeira, Visiting Scholar at the Streaming Algorithm Team at Netflix
  • Dr. Victor Bahl, Technical Fellow and Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, Azure.

Panel on “Women in AI Networking – Academic Career”

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 1 pm EST

The panel features a diverse group of outstanding female academics who discuss the challenges and opportunities that female professors face during their academic careers.

The panelists are

  • Prof. Elisa Bertino, Purdue University
  • Prof. Gauri Joshi, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Prof. Mingyan Liu, University of Michigan
  • Prof. Chunyi Peng, Purdue University
  • Prof. Aylin Yener, Ohio State University