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The AI-EDGE Institute has initiated collaborations with several distinguished researchers from academic institutions outside of the United States. In addition to supporting research associated with the existing research thrusts and use cases of the Institute, these researchers will also conduct...
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AI-EDGE Institute will host an upcoming research experience for undergraduates (REU) program in Summer 2023. AI-EDGE Institute is an NSF-funded AI Institute for future edge networks and distributed intelligence. Students joining this program will have opportunities to work with and learn from world...
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AI-EDGE Ecosystem

The AI-EDGE Institute is one of the $20M AI Institutes funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security to  create a research, education, knowledge transfer, and workforce development environment that will help develop the United State’s technological leadership in future generation edge networks (6G and beyond) and distributed AI for many decades to come.

Institute Vision


Networking and AI are two of the most transformative IT technologies --- helping to better people’s lives, contributing to national economic competitiveness, national security, and national defense. The Institute will exploit the synergies between networking and AI to design the next generation of edge networks (6G and beyond) that are highly efficient, reliable, robust, and secure. A new distributed intelligence plane will be developed to ensure that these networks are self-healing, adaptive, and self-optimized. The future of AI is distributed because AI will increasingly be implemented across a diverse set of edge devices. These intelligent and adaptive networks will in turn unleash the power of collaboration to solve long-standing distributed AI challenges, making AI more efficient, interactive, and privacy preserving. The Institute will develop the key underlying technologies for distributed and networked intelligence to enable a host of future transformative applications such as intelligent transportation, remote healthcare, distributed robotics, and smart aerospace. 

Education and Workforce Development:

It is a national priority to educate students, professionals, and practitioners in AI and networks, and substantially grow and diversify the workforce. The Institute will develop novel, efficient, and modular ways of creating and delivering education content and curricula at scale, and to spearhead a program that helps build a large diverse workforce in AI and networks spanning K-12 to university students and faculty.